The Church: An Army of One (Another’s)

In the previous post, The Battle for Sunday, I made the case for being real and being ready at church. These are crucial steps that help prevent Sunday from being an "event". Events are impersonal and isolated occurrences. In contrast, the Church is a body, and its members should be connected to one another by more… Continue reading The Church: An Army of One (Another’s)

Does Membership Matter?

We just started another round of our membership class here at Cornerstone. It’s a tailored opportunity for individuals and families who are guests at Cornerstone to learn more about what we believe and how we practice those beliefs. During the Q&A time I was asked an insightful question (I’m paraphrasing): “If all the relational elements… Continue reading Does Membership Matter?

Evangelism at Church

This past week marked vacation bible school for our church. An entire facility was transformed from its standard configuration to an arctic-themed adventure land and back again. Many volunteers are recovering from a full week of crafts, games, music, and snack preparation. It was energetic. It was exciting. And it was exhausting. Why do we… Continue reading Evangelism at Church

Cultivating a Love for the Church

Growing up in Colorado, I attended a small, Baptist church out in the country, and I loved it. The drive was 40 minutes one way, but my mother took us every time the doors were open. We were rarely early (or on time), but we always stayed late. After the service, the church building and… Continue reading Cultivating a Love for the Church