Boys of Summer

I love my daughter more than I can express, but today’s blog is for the boys. The last few weeks of our summer was… to put it simply, a summer for the boys. My wife, my oldest son and I flew to Kenya to work in a boys shelter in the town of Naivasha. While […]… Continue reading Boys of Summer

A New Perspective

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." 1 Tim. 4:12 Tim Tripp II, a junior at UNCW, and Jacob Gillespie, an 8th grader at Myrtle Grove Christian, recently had the opportunity to be… Continue reading A New Perspective

Evangelism at Church

This past week marked vacation bible school for our church. An entire facility was transformed from its standard configuration to an arctic-themed adventure land and back again. Many volunteers are recovering from a full week of crafts, games, music, and snack preparation. It was energetic. It was exciting. And it was exhausting. Why do we… Continue reading Evangelism at Church

Cultivating a Love for the Church

Growing up in Colorado, I attended a small, Baptist church out in the country, and I loved it. The drive was 40 minutes one way, but my mother took us every time the doors were open. We were rarely early (or on time), but we always stayed late. After the service, the church building and… Continue reading Cultivating a Love for the Church

A Godly Man Wars

In college, I had the unique privilege of serving in children's ministry on Sunday nights. I was assigned a group of 2nd grade boys. The questions and comments that would come up during our small group times were always entertaining, but the transition from teaching time to small-group "discussions" was a challenge. Convincing 10 second grade boys to… Continue reading A Godly Man Wars

A Godly Man Worships

The pursuit of godliness (sanctification) is the life-long process of daily conforming our thoughts, words, and actions to Christ. Every day, we must ask, "Who is God? What is He like? What is He doing?" And then follow these up with, "How can I know Him better? How can I model His character? and How can… Continue reading A Godly Man Worships

He Must be a Godly Man

I'm not sure at what age I expected to be talking to my children about getting married, but it certainly wasn't 3. I was still teaching my son the proper uses of a crayon when he made known his desire to marry a girl from church. Having daughters of my own, my first reaction was to protect this young lady from… Continue reading He Must be a Godly Man

Dad’s… Don’t Squander the Summer

a time to blog

It’s coming…You can feel it.  Temperatures are rising, schools are ending and grills are going on sale.  Summer is upon us and for those of us who have been through a few decades worth, we know how quickly it will come and go.    So dads, don’t waste this summer.  This season affords us opportunities that the rest of the year doesn’t but it also tempts us to squander even more than usual.

In an effort to be proactive and take the summer by the proverbial horns I have jotted down a few ideas that just may help us as dads not get burnt this season.  So here are five summertime efforts to do with your kids.

Unplug em:   Start your summer by going to the nearest body of water and having a game to see who can throw their device the farthest.  Extra points if you skip a tablet…

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