The Battle for Sunday

For many families across the country, Sunday mornings are a time of fellowship and worship. It’s a time to gather and to listen to the preaching of God’s Word. Many people love church.

Getting there is another story.

Even from my childhood I can find memories of grief, anger, and struggle as my mother dressed 4 children and rushed them out the door. Now, as a parent myself, it seems that each week brings a new obstacle as we try to make it to church on time, in one piece, wearing shoes, and ready for worship.

The battle for Sunday is real.

Part of this battle is to show up at all, and the other part is to put on a facade when you do. We shuffle into the building late with tailored smiles to match our ties. But, if you are fighting this battle, especially if you’re coming to Cornerstone, I want to encourage you to be real and to be ready.

Please be real

Come as you are. The church is a place where sinners gather to celebrate God’s forgiveness, not an exclusive club where we revel in our own self-righteousness.

  • Be tired – Jesus calls all who are weary and heavy laden to come and find rest for their souls.
  • Be broken – Come with humility, aware of your sin and need for a Savior.

Wherever you are in life, please come to church.

Please be ready

It’s true that life is a struggle, and it’s true that the church is a place to find rest and strength for the week. But, it’s also a body made up of members who are called to work together in community for the purpose of growth (internal and external).

Be real when you get to church, but also endeavor to be ready.

  • Be ready to worship – worship is about giving honor to someone other than yourself. That someone is God. Worship should be refreshing because it draws our minds away from focusing so much on ourselves and points us to Christ.
  • Be ready to serve – one way we can worship God is by serving His body. Church is a place of rest for the weary, but only because people are willing to serve.
  • Be ready to stay – community takes time. If you’re always arriving late and leaving early, you aren’t taking time to serve or to be served.

In the Battle for Sunday, endeavor to be real and to be ready. Don’t let the struggles of life keep you from coming or your sins keep you from seeking help. But, don’t let the promise of rest and forgiveness lull you into complacency. Pray and read your Bible daily, so that your heart is ready for worship. Connect with people throughout the week, so that you are focused on encouraging others on Sunday morning.

It may be a battle, but it’s worth fighting for Sunday.

Fight to be real.

Fight to be ready.

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